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California Multiple Award Schedule

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Program Overview

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) offer a wide variety of commodity and information technology products and services at prices which have been assessed to be fair, reasonable and competitive. The use of these contracts is optional and is available ONLY to California State and Local Government agencies. Without having to go to bid, an agency may request a copy of the CMAS contract from the contractor of choice; select the products and services to be ordered; and, send the purchase order directly to the contractor.CMAS Order Limits and Program Fee.

CMAS Order Limits and Program Fee

CMAS purchases are limited to $250,000 or less for information technology (IT) goods and services and non-information technology services and $100,000 or less for commodities (non-IT products) subject to solicitation requirements 2008-2009 The Procurement Division will directly bill each State and Local Agency for use of CMAS contracts, equal to 2.27% of the value of each order. The 2.27% fee should NOT be included in the order total, or remitted before a bill is received maximum of $35,000 from the Procurement Division.

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