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Financial Services

Manage Your Cash Flow

Leasing Options

TIG Financial Services leasing options for businesses offers you the flexibility to choose the systems you need right now and pay for them through an affordable leasing program. TIG Financial Services leases give you the option to own your systems at the end of your 12-60 month lease terms.

Looking to extend your budget? TIG Financial Services leases let you keep your cash and still acquire capital goods - depending on the lease option you choose.

TIG Financial Services leasing offers several purchase options:
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) - Delivers the lowest monthly payment of a standard lease with flexible purchase options at lease end.
  • $1 Buyout - Choose this purchase option if you want to own your systems at lease end.
  • 10% Buyout - Gives you a lower payment than the $1 Buyout with the added security of a known purchase option at the end of the lease term.
Customer Benefit of Leasing:
  • Low monthly payments preserves cash flow
  • Another form of capital
  • Tax advantages
  • Preserves existing credit lines
  • Fixed monthly payments make it easy to budget
  • Protects against obsolescence
Standard Lease
Capital Expenditure Full amount of equipment cost Full amount of equipment cost plus finance charges A percentage of equipment cost spread equally over useful life 
Inital Cash Outlay 100% of equipment cost A meaningful equity investment - usually 20% of equipment cost Usually none; through rentals in advance are common 
Credit Lines Impact of cash
Decrease in availability No impact
Operating Capital Decreased by total cost Decreased by amount of down payment Limited to minimal increase in SG&A expenses
Payments Entire cost paid up front regardless of usage A portion of the cost and related finance charges Fixed for them of the lease
Purchase Options Fully purchased on day one Included in monthly loan payments 10% or more of the equipment cost paid at end of lease term
Mid term update options Make another large cash outlay for new equipment, plus pay the cost of old equipment disposal Pay off loan, pay the cost of the old equipment disposal and get another loan with significant initial cash outlay Pay total amount of payments for remaining lease term and enter into another lease
Tax Impact Depreciate over the five years (far longer than competitive life of technology) Depreciate cost over five years and expense the interest in fiscal year paid (not concurrent with competitive life of equipment) May be a fully taxable operating expense subject to your accountant's interpretation
Impact On Your Business Requires large initial capital outlay; depreciation schedule far longer than practical life Can require significant inital cash outlay; depreciation schedule far longer than practical life; no refresh options during long term Tax treatment subject to interpretation; no refresh options during lease term

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