How to Leverage Private Clouds in Hybrid IT Transformations




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Today’s business climate is increasingly competitive, with new players coming to market daily. Modern enterprises must stay agile if they want to remain relevant.

Most companies understand that becoming more responsive means implementing a hybrid infrastructure. While many agile, data-driven organizations have embraced cloud solutions in this mix, others struggle with cost and security concerns.

Successful digital enterprises realize that integrating cloud solutions is critical to a successful hybrid transformation. In fact, a 451 Research Group study found that 70% of organizations today leverage multiple clouds. Since there is no “one size fits all” approach, the blend of public and private clouds in a hybrid infrastructure depends on individual business goals and needs.

When I look at analyst reports, it is clear that they recognize the growing need for private cloud solutions within the hybrid infrastructure mix. Increasingly, they emphasize choosing a vendor like Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) that can provide a complete end-to-end solution. That’s one of the reasons HPE was recently named a “Leader” in the private cloud space in The Forrester Wave. Without a private cloud option, enterprises cannot elegantly solve the complex business challenges surrounding flexibility, security and efficiency for greater business gain.

Improve Flexibility
Being able to rapidly provision IT infrastructures ensures rapid time to value for important business initiatives. The flexibility to build and tear down development and/or test environments quickly allows IT professionals to reallocate resources in minutes – without needing to find physical resources. This self-service access enables enterprises to reduce costs and respond to business requests more efficiently.

Increase Security
Storing data in a private cloud means that an organization’s servers, software, firewall – and staff – are protected behind closed doors. Securing business-critical data on-site provides for absolute clarity of ownership and limits access to outsiders. Enterprises are also empowered to enable stronger security and compliance controls than those offered by public cloud providers. 

Maximize Efficiency
Private clouds provide the ability to tailor architectures to address specific business needs as defined by business owners. Access to controls at any time enables businesses to scale resources automatically, minimizing disruption from changing work levels.

There is no doubt that as we go forward every organization will need a mix of private and public cloud resources to effectively manage their IT requirements. With flexible solutions such as the HPE Helion CloudSystem companies can leverage proven technology to accelerate time to value, empower rapid outcomes and thrive in today’s disruptive Idea Economy. 

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