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FFORSYTH COUNTY SCHOOLS OFFERS UNINTERRUPTED DIGITAL LEARNING WITH VMWARE SOLUTIONS: Forsyth County is a fast-growing, tech-savvy community with the seventh-largest public school system in Georgia. Many residents come and stay for the schools: Forsyth County Schools (FCS) has the highest county graduation rate, highest SAT scores, and highest financial efficiency rating in the metropolitan Atlanta area. However, as the district grows by 1,600 to 1,800 new students per year, it must keep up with families’ high expectations and fast-changing educational requirements.

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Texas A&M University - Kingsville credits Technology Integration Group (TIG) with helping choose the right technology and deploying it quickly. Although the university intially leaned toward certain product. "TIG was able to provide us with a wider range of solutions that might better fit our needs," says Bob Paulson, Associate Vice President / CIO. TIG installed a software tool on the university's system to capture resource and utilization data. TIG then set up a proof of concept and tested several options, with VMware functionality emerging as the best fit.

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"Technology Integration Group is an outstanding partner for us. Their technical expertise is first-rate, and their responsiveness is invaluable. They set it up in a way that's easy to use, and made sure we were fully trained so we could use it effectively from day one. It's pleasure to work with a company that exhibits this level of professionalism" ~ Mark Taylor, Deputy Chief of Training and Safety at Bend Fire Department

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"The collaborative effort between TIG and RingCentral ensured that the onboarding process went smoothly and efficiently" ~ Sean McMillan, IT Manager