Cutting Costs and Increasing Sustainability with Managed Print




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Cutting Costs and Increasing Sustainability with Managed Print

Saving Energy, Cut Supply Costs, Reduce Paper and Electronic Waste

It's no secret that printing can be costly for a business, both in terms of printing supplies and generating waste. In an age of increasing concern for sustainable business practices, it's nice to know that going green with your printing practices can also leave more green in your wallet. Advances in energy efficiency, recycling programs and printer management can help you save cash while also helping save the planet.

Over the past decade, printer manufacturers like HP that offer Energy Star certified product and have improved energy efficiency in HP LaserJet printers up to 56%, are passing those savings directly to customers. Reductions in materials used in printers, and an increase in the use of recycled materials, also reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. Through all phases of development, HP works hard to deliver a high-quality printing system that not only meets the needs of your busy office, but also helps maintain your indoor air quality.

How Printer Upgrades can Save You Money

When it comes time to upgrade to a new printer, recycling programs further minimize the impact of electronic waste. HP offers periodic programs for managing printers at their end of life, including buyback programs for retired devices, recycling programs to manage asset disposal, donation programs for printers that still have some use left, and trade in programs that let you trade any brand of printer toward the purchase of a new HP printer. These programs run for a limited time, but we can help you identify and access available programs when the time is right.

Since every action can make a difference, if you're managing a business with a lot of printing, updating your network can make a big impact. As we discussed in a recent post about the trend toward Managed Print Services, fast-growing businesses routinely find themselves at some point with sprawling printer networks that include a number of outdated, less secure and less efficient printers distributed throughout the business. Taming the sprawl is usually an investment in security and print efficiency, and improved workplace sustainability can be a substantial benefit.

Using Managed Print Services to Optimize Your Print Network

The solution for getting a print network under control with Managed Print Services usually starts with an inventory of print assets, a study of workplace printing needs and practices, and an improved map to allocate the right mix of workgroup, desktop and multifunction printers to maximize user efficiency. To improve security and reduce the cost of management, it typically makes sense to centralize on one brand and printer operating system to eliminate unnecessary complexities.

As these changes are made, the benefits of energy efficiency, improved materials, recycling and trade-in programs across the printer network all add up to a more substantial savings in cost, and in environmental impact. Add to that the use of environmentally responsible papers and paper recycling, and businesses that produce a lot of printing can generate significant savings while also improving network security and workplace efficiency.

If you have an office print ecosystem that has grown out of control, we can help you tame it. We'll assess your current network and work with you to design a system with significant improvements in security, efficiency and sustainability, while helping you cut costs with more effective print management and use of supplies. To find out how to get started [call to action].

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