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The Windows Print Spooler Service is, by design, vulnerable to attack. The recent Microsoft “PrintNightmare” breach demonstrated how remote, mobile or internal systems can be compromised and exploited, enabling attackers to remotely execute privileged file operations. An attacker taking advantage of this vulnerability can perform actions like installing programs; accessing, changing, or deleting data; or creating new accounts that have full user rights. This presents a serious danger to your company’s privileged data. Microsoft has released security patches to address this vulnerability. But how can you protect your corporate network in the future?

Prevent a future Print Spooler Service attack with TIG

TIG offers a range of solution that can help you identify and prevent Print Spooler Services breaches.

1. Secure Operations Center Make sure you are notified when malicious programs are being installed and files are being modified on your system. TIG’s Machine Learning and 24x7 Security Analysts can offer a range of options to ensure you’re notified of suspicious activity that requires inspection and analysis

2. End-Point Detection Solutions Identify when malicious code is being installed. Work with TIG’s End-Point Detection Solutions to potentially block and prevent this activity from occurring.

3. Network Access Control Be in the driver’s seat of your network’s access control. Prevent hosts from joining a potentially compromised or unpatched network. Our TIG solutions experts can build a properly configured network access control system.

4. Zero-Trust Architecture Ensure your infrastructure is protected by implementing a zero-trust architecture approach. This will protect against unknown vulnerabilities by limiting systems access to relevant job functions/applications.

5. Security & Risk Assessments Don’t wait for an attack to uncover vulnerabilities in your systems. Be proactive with TIG Security & Risk Assessments to determine the risk of zero-day exploits and the impact on your environment. An assessment will provide you with the information you need to justify security spend and improve your company’s overall security posture.

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