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With the popularity of remote workforces at an all-time high and disparate teams worldwide, the way we consume technology, including print and imaging changes daily. Long gone are the days of hitting ‘ctrl Print’ to send a document to your dedicated desktop printer. Today’s workforces create and share digital documents via email, social networks and cloud services at a rapid pace.

These shifts in how we do business drive trends including major advancements in print management. In order to keep pace, enterprise organizations are implementing improved print strategies and print management resources faster than ever. In fact, aggregate enterprise spending on print hardware, software and services is forecasted to reach $160 billion by 2020.

Printers, they’re not just for printing anymore.

With secure, convenient, and almost effortless ways to convert, share and print, the evolution of print technology is transforming business. One such recent advancement drastically improves user experience by including touchscreen viewing and editing. Now, last minute changes can be made without desktop software.

But the transformation involves more than just user experience. It’s about productivity, performance, security and most importantly, cost.

Improve Productivity

If your business has not updated its printing fleet, there’s no time like the present to conduct a print audit. Doing so examines key print policies and helps develop a strategy to optimize network printing. Elements to consider include ease of use, flexibility, mobility, and document protection. Once evaluated, it’s time to implement a plan that takes full advantage of powerful tools that increase productivity and improve collaboration, so users can…

•    Create digital documents in multiple formats

•    Share digital documents via email and across social networks

•    Convert documents for smartphones, e-book readers, and social media

•    Connect wirelessly for convenient mobile printing

Enhance Security

Imagine never having to rush to a printer again to collect confidential print jobs. Through simple administration and secure print features, like those available in the Multi and ProXpress MFPs by Samsung, managers control network access and safeguard sensitive documents. That way, confidential documents are queued right from the driver and only accessible using a keyed code at the printer itself. Secure printing also reduces waste. By not printing until the security code is manually entered; a user who no longer needs the print job or gets sidetracked and forgets to pick it up doesn’t cause unnecessary documents to print.

Do more, spend less

Want to promote environmental conservation? With Eco-friendly print driver advancements, you can reduce paper, toner waste, and cartridge usage thanks to modern features like:

•    N-up printing (two or more pages on the same side)

•    Duplex printing (printing on both sides)

•    Automatic blank page skipping

•    Printing in black and white only

•    Usage tracking by user

Plus, accurate assessments of memory and support requirements offer more print choices for professional documents and eliminate the need for third party copy and print services, leading to lower operating costs.

Take the trouble out of troubleshooting

While printers are never guaranteed to be “trouble-free,” with new intuitive diagnostic features like those in Samsung’s ProXpress series, technicians can often remotely detect and fix issues before they occur. In addition, remote control settings allow management of multiple devices using pictures and videos to clear errors and respond to jam alerts and status updates. This practice makes for seamless troubleshooting and reduces or eliminates downtime.

No time? No problem.

Print speeds exceeding 40-pages-per-minute with 256 MB memory, accelerate document and image processing and increase efficiency no matter the media size and document weight. Scanner rendering technology further enhances performance by sharpening text and imagery, resulting in improved workflows and lower costs.

No More Sacrifices

With the right printer fleet and configuration, enterprise companies can increase performance without sacrificing quality. A simplified and updated print infrastructure transforms business versatility through cost efficient features and out-of-the-box capabilities that don’t require extensive configuration or setup.

TIG works with enterprise organizations of all sizes, worldwide. We are experts in Samsung print solutions, including mobile, managed print services, and other IT services and solutions that help businesses streamline and manage IT functions to save costs.

Ready to enhance user experiences, promote secure document sharing, and experience a lower TCO? We’re here to help.

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