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4 Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency




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There’s no denying - the era of connected classrooms is in full swing. But it wasn’t that long ago “technology at school” meant a few computers in the library or computer lab. Now, students take virtual fieldtrips, use Microsoft PowerPoint™ to make presentations and collaborate with peers and educators across cloud storage platforms on school-owned and personal mobile devices.

Educational institutions are adopting new technologies at an accelerated pace and there’s no sign this trend will slow down. In fact, the opposite is true; areas formerly undisturbed by technology advancements are now front-and-center. Take print for example, chances are if a school district hasn’t completed a full-scale print fleet audit, developed a strategy to address modern efficiency and usability demands, and embraced cloud printing solutions, they will in the near future.

The process may start with a fleet audit but it doesn’t end there. The next step is to assess and address the universe of cloud printing solutions available that work with devices to increase efficiency and save costs at every level. These solutions include print hardware and software that now supports cloud infrastructure, collaborative learning, connectivity, and robust print security, in the cloud.

Wondering how cloud-printing solutions improve learning and efficiency within schools? Let’s look at four cost and time saving reasons to add print to the technology mix:

1. Cloud and Mobile Printing Enhance Collaborative Learning
Cloud printing facilitates access to specified printers or multifunction printers (MFPs) amongst students, teachers and administrators. Like sending a URL to someone, a link to the networked printer can be shared from any device, any time, anywhere. And network administrators have the ability to control and monitor print jobs on these shared printers and revoke sharing when needed. New technology also allows mobile users options to print, scan and fax directly to and from a particular printer or MFP wirelessly without the need for an external server or computer. For teachers and staff, the flexibility to work remotely while maintaining the ability to collaborate and print is a productivity enhancer. 

2. Seamless Mobile Devices Connections Across Campuses
Today’s students, especially those in high school and beyond, are on the go and use phones, tablets and laptops to up and download assignments and communications to and from the cloud. Districts are often challenged by the need to connect varied types of mobile devices to appropriate printers. With seamless connectivity via the cloud, there’s no need to call the IT helpdesk to change print settings or install drivers when new mobile devices are brought to class. The setup is easy right from the box when printers and MFPs are equipped to install drivers and firmware immediately and auto-update without interruption and these features save time and money for districts.

3. Sensitive Records Automatically Protected at the Network Level
Schools regularly need to copy, scan and print sensitive student information including medical records, grades, testing, contact information and other confidential data. Cloud printing safeguards the integrity of these documents via secure transmission protocols to ensure privacy. Documents are transferred over a secure HTTPS web connection and when the job is complete, the associated temporary print file is auto-deleted from the servers. Other security features allow print and scanning jobs and their history to be deleted anytime from the cloud print management interface, adding another layer of protection for sensitive information to prevent it from being leaked or hacked.

4. Admin Interface Lowers Overall Operational Costs
With admin access to managing the print workflow, schools and districts have line-of-sight and more control over recurring costs such as paper, ink, toner and maintenance. These operating expenses add up quickly especially when downtime is factored in. Schools can now rely on networked printers to proactively notify when they are running out of supplies, when hardware maintenance issues occur and when particular classrooms or printer locations are using excessive amounts of paper, ink and toner.

TIG works with education institutions of all sizes. We are experts in Samsung print solutions, including Google Cloud Print, mobile print, managed print services, and other IT services and solutions that help schools streamline and manage IT functions to save costs.

Interested in learning more about increasing efficiencies and usability, and reducing print spend by 10 – 30%? We’re here to help.



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