End Point Solutions

The “edge” of networks continues to get more porous and extended – maintaining control over the end point becomes increasingly critical to secure your network.

As the mobilization of end users continues, it becomes increasingly clear that end-points themselves need protection. While your firewall & VPN address the data during transit through authentication and encryption, this does not address several problems at the end point.

  • • Broadband connections are increasingly popular and available 24x7, leaving
    a tempting target for attackers.
  • • Wireless router/firewalls at home are becoming more widespread in their
    use and open the door to additional avenues of compromise.
  • • Home networks may include devices outside of your control that may have
    been compromised, leaving you open to attacks once a VPN tunnel is established.
  • • Growing use of WIFI hotspots for Internet access in public areas requires
    greater security for corporate laptops connecting back to corporate network.

With the above facts, the need to secure the endpoints becomes more critical.  Let TIG help you make the assessment and planning on the right solution for your needs.

Solution Offerings: 

1. Desktop Firewall– software running on a system that allows access control over what protocols to allow and which to deny into a system. Enterprise wide controls are available on many solutions to enforce standard configurations and allow for controlled updates.

2. Anti-virus– a staple of any information security strategy is the ability to detect malicious code and then repair, quarantine, or delete based upon rules. As the speed at which viruses can spread along with the various attack vectors available to more sophisticated network viruses, it is vital that a foothold not be given to viruses from which to spread further.

3. Intrusion Detection/Prevention– for even greater visibility into system behavior or protection, intrusion detection or prevention, respectively, can be deployed. For more information on this topic, refer to Intrusion Management.

4. Spyware– undesired programs that are installed on systems to track a variety of potential information about the system and end user. Some anti-virus providers are adding the capability to detect and remove spyware via their AV engines, while there are other providers focused strictly on the spyware problem.

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