Managed Security Services (MSSP)

Sleep well knowing that the best security experts in the world are watching your network 24 x 7 x 365.

Implementing and operating today’s advanced security infrastructure can be a daunting task. The days of only needing a good firewall and some antivirus software to secure your business are long gone. Today, most businesses have to employ multiple layers of defense throughout their networks to effectively mitigate the risks associated with doing business on the internet. However, most businesses today are facing the same problem; lack of manpower and or expertise to effectively manage their security infrastructure. As a result, most of companies rarely see the full potential or return on investment from the security equipment they deploy.

The answer to this problem is Managed Security Services. Be secure today! Do not let lack of expertise or internal resources prevent you from ensuring that your data is secure and that you are compliant with the new regulatory standards. Through our partnerships with market leaders like Symantec and Counterpane, we can deliver the highest level of Managed Security Services in the world for all major enterprise level security products. Our offering includes device management as well as advanced real time correlation of all security events across your enterprise. TIG’s managed service offering scales from management of a single firewall to hundreds of security devices world wide. Depending on what your needs are, we can custom tailor a solution for you today.

Key Benefits:

  • • Provides robust reporting & forensics to meet regulatory compliance
  • • Ensures optimal protection of mission-critical assets by providing analysis
    and commentary needed to help minimize business impact and reduce overall
    security risk against emerging attacks
  • • Offers organizations a real-time view of their enterprise security posture
    to help maintain security policy compliance
  • • Enhances an organization's information security posture through continuous
    monitoring and management, expert analysis of log data, and immediate response
    to potential security threats
  • • Delivers 24x7x365, real-time monitoring and management of firewalls, intrusion
    detection systems and integrated security appliances
  • • Provides rapid, cost-effective resolution of security problems from security
    operations centers (SOCs) around the world
  • • Uses a state-of-the-art technology platform to aggregate and analyze data
    from heterogeneous security devices to quickly identify and defend against
  • • Protects existing security technology investments with broad, vendor-neutral

Services Available:

  • Monitored and Managed Firewall Services
  • Monitored and Managed Network-Based Intrusion Detection Services
  • Monitored and Managed Integrated Security Appliance Services
  • Monitored Host-Based Intrusion Detection Services
  • Managed Internet Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • Managed Security Policy Compliance Services Managed Virus Protection
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