Secure Content Management (SCM)

Protecting your company from viruses, spam, and undesirable web pages to not only provide enhanced security, but also address productivity and potential human resources issues.

Even after limiting the avenues which information can enter your network via proper perimeter security, there still exists the need to filter further as attackers continue to find ways to “piggyback” across valid communication channels. Reasons for a secure content management solution include:

  • • Lost productivity
  • • Introduction of malicious code
  • • Potential liability
  • • Wasted network resources
  • • Control over intellectual property
  • • Regulatory Compliance

Because of these reasons, Secure Content Management is a growing concern for most of our customers. TIG is partnered with industry leaders that can enable you to take back control of the content that is going in and out of your network. More importantly, TIG’s experience in the area of security allows us to help you determine the best solution given your unique business needs.

Solution Offerings:

  • Anti-spam – Unsolicited email not only wastes time and money, but also consumes network and mail server resources. 
  • Web Surfing – Controlling the websites that end users are allowed to visit will increase work productivity, ensure maximum network bandwidth availability and decrease possibility of liability issues
  • Instant Messaging – Convenient and growing, but difficult to control, this technology allows a back door for viruses and worms to enter your network. IM also provides a great way for confidential data to leave your network with out a trace.

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