Insight into the Data Insight implies detecting and uncovering underlying structure in the data. Such underlying structure may not be encapsulated in the list of items above; such items serve as the specific targets of an analysis. The real insight and “feel” for a data set comes as the Data Scientist and/or Analyst judiciously probe and explore the various subtleties of the data with our clients and their SME’s. The “feel” for the data comes almost exclusively from the application of various techniques, the collection of which serves as the window into the essence of the data. To get a “feel” for the data, it is not enough for the Data Scientist and/or Analyst to distinguish what is in the data; they must also recognize what is not in the data. The only way to successful accomplish this to draw on our own pattern-recognition and comparative abilities in the context of a series of judicious techniques applied to the data.

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