DevOps Changes Your Competitive Landscape

Everyone is looking for their competitive edge. Your applications differentiate you in the market. Your customers interact with your website. Your people interact with your internal applications. Your business wants to reap the rewards of having access to the latest data all the time. How do companies like Amazon, Google, Uber and Facebook keep innovating at a break-neck pace? The answer is DevOps, the tight integration of multiple parts of their business in a way that generates meaningful value.

Solution Overview

Development Operations or DevOps is more than just a set of tools or processes. DevOps is the confluence of Tools, Process, Methodology, and Minds working toward a holistic business goal. At TIG we believe a robust DevOps culture starts with a desire to make the most of your business. This shared mantra needs to be carried out by IT Operations, Development and Security with tight connections to your lines of business.

TIG offers a DevOps Maturity Assessment that gauges where you are in your DevOps Evolution and what your specific roadmap look like. The assessment focuses on:

  • Overall IT Process
  • Development Methodologies
  • Tools
  • Automation
  • Business Alignment
  • Cultural Integration

The results of the assessment are intended to provide a clear set of next steps in each area to facilitate making the transition to a “DevOps Shop” and what benefit you can expect from reaching that goal.

TIG Flexible Development Acceleration

It takes robust infrastructure and extensive ecosystem to build the kind of agility DevOps thrives on. We have built our standard offerings on Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Container technology to allow incredible horizontal scalability with minimal management burden. Most companies have the foundation required but many require some “tweaking” to align the parts. TIG will determine what can be fine-tuned, what should be replaced and what should be added to provide the foundation on which to build. Beyond this foundation TIG consultants will recommend integrations and communication strategies between your team to further collaboration.

Flipping the DevOps Switch

It is not practical to go from traditional to revolutionary overnight but with a solid plan, the right communication flows, proper systems and processes the culture can be changed. The switch flip to DevOps is gradual and only success on the way will get you there.

Let TIG show you your roadmap and help you achieve real competitive differentiation!