Coffee Talk - Protecting Your Hosted Email

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Date of Event: Friday, July 17th 2020
8:15am CST /9:15am EST

Join TIG and Unitrends for an early morning Coffee Talk* about protecting your hosted emails with Office 365 and Spanning the Dark Web solutions.

With each passing month, cyber-hackers are looking for ways to get into your email through dark web channels, which could be due to outdated credentialing and lax security protocols. How will your recovery system stand up to these threats? Do you currently scan the dark web for exposure? Let us show you how Spanning Dark Web Monitoring can keep your business protected today and into the future.

Chad Martin, TIG’s Cloud and Data Center Director, with Mark Hall and David Frid from Unitrends, will guide us through some best practices and offerings, including backup appliances and cloud data protection, leveraging cutting edge technology to automate manual tasks, eliminate management complexity, and deliver tested hardware and software resilience.

Spanning Dark Web Monitoring key benefits:
• Reduce the risk of significant data loss that requires costly intensive recovery & restoration efforts
• Reduce the risk of IP theft
• Reduce the risk of a business email compromised attack

And discover a “No-Sweat” recovery plan for Office 365:
• Daily, automated and on-demand backup
• Advanced search & secure encryption
• Self-service recovery - data restored in seconds, with just a few clicks
• Unlimited storage and retention

*Coffee Talk - Coffee on us! As a Thank You for attending this webinar you will be eligible to receive a gift card for a coffee on us!

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